Subway Coupons & Promo Codes (April 2023)

Savings Hackers brings you a list of the current Subway coupons and promo codes.

Subway Coupons & Promo Codes (April 2023)

Here at MoneyMingo we tend to put our focus on personal finance hacks that save consumers big money on products like insurance, credit cards & travel through responsible budgeting and deals, but at the end of the day we all need to eat (actually, 3x per day!) and if there’s one bill that’s more annoying than taxes; it’s food.

Thanks to inflation, food is getting more expensive than ever; literally. Food has never been more expensive than it is now or will be 1 year from now. So, this is why I’m going to include food as a category on this site and we’re going to kick it off with a fan favorite - SUBWAY.

So, consider this the constantly updated “How to get free food from Subway” article. Bookmark it. Share it with friends, and let’s all save money!


  • What It Does: Subway is offering a free footlong if you order another footlong, so basically, this will only work if you order two (or more).
  • How It Works: Go through the normal process of building a sandwich online at and add your completed footlong to your cart. Now, build another one and add that to your cart as well. When you're done, go to the checkout page and right at the top enter your code and hit "Apply" (see below)

When you enter the code FOOTLONG (all caps), your order total should update with the new price (shown below)

Hello $5 Footlong's! You're Back! Well, kind of.

You can see that my original order price for 2 footlong's was $19.88, and after utilizing the code FREEFOOTLONG at checkout, it dropped $9.49 from my total. Also, you might also notice there's no tax. I live in Oregon, there is no sales tax here!

This code worked for me at an Oregon Subway location, and some people are saying that it doesn't work for them, so try it for yourself.

If it does work, it will look just like the above screenshot on your order screen.

If it doesn't work, there's another option.

CODE: BOGO50; The Alternative Coupon

If the FREEFOOTLONG code is not available in your area, we have a secondary option for you, BOGO50.

  • What It Does: Subway is offering 50% off a second footlong if you order 2 or more footlong's, so basically, this will only work if you order two (or more) and in true BOGO fashion, it's Buy On Get One, except it's 50% off, not free like the other code.
  • How It Works: Same as the coupon code above. You need to build 2 footlong sandwiches and add them to your cart. Once you do, apply the code BOGO50 (all caps) and your order total should update (see below) to show 50% off one of the footlong's.

Subway Daily Deals

Lastly, there's one more option, but it's 100% dependent on your location. Specific Subway franchises offer daily deals and you can only get them by asking, and they'll only apply to a specific item.

Next time you drop into a location ask the staff if they have a daily deal and you might just find $5 or $6 footlong's available!

Stay tuned for more updates!