Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator

See how long it could take to pay off your credit card debt using this simple calculator.

How To Use The Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator

  • Use the Current Balance slider to add the current amount of debt you have to pay off.
  • Use the Interest Rate slider to add your current interest rate (get as close as possible for accuracy!)
  • Use the Monthly Payment slider to add or adjust your monthly payment. This can be your default payment (i.e. $500, 650, .etc) or whatever amount you want to pay to help pay down the debt quicker.
  • At the bottom you'll see the results modify in realtime. Want to pay off debt faster? Increase your Monthly Payment. Simple as that!
NOTE: If you see N/A or $NaN (Not a Number) after you move all of the sliders, that means that at your current monthly payment your debt theoretically will never be paid off at your selected interest rate! 


With a current balance of $0, an interest rate of 0%, and a monthly payment of $0, it will take N/A to pay off the debt and the total interest paid will be $0.

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