Comenity EasyPay List Of Store Credit Cards & Account Login

Comenity has over 50m retail store credit cards in the hands of Americans. Many of them are simply looking to pay their bill, so we've collected a list of all of the EasyPay options for these cards.

Comenity EasyPay List Of Store Credit Cards & Account Login

The Bank You've Probably Never Heard Of Has A Credit Card In Your Wallet.

Comenity Bank is a leading credit card issuer that offers 92 credit programs to various popular retail stores in the US, with a strong emphasis on store-branded credit cards. Although not as well-known as other credit card companies, Comenity Bank boasts over 50 million cardholders.

50 million is a lot of people! Imagine that. Over 20% of the entire United States has a Comenity-backed credit card in their purse or wallet!

When it comes to approval getting approved for a Comenity Bank card is relatively easy, even for those with lower credit scores (500 credit scores even!). This can be an attractive option for those looking to build or improve their credit and of course, those that want to shop at specific retail stores.

Want A New Credit Card?

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More Comenity Info + 1 Awesome Credit Hack

Awesome Hack: Some of their cards can be obtained without a hard credit pull, which increases the chances of approval. This can be done through the "shopping cart trick" by not opting out of promotional credit card offers and disabling pop-up blockers while shopping online with a Comenity Bank partnered retailer.

Seriously, give it a try. Any time you can get approved for a credit card with only a soft pull is an amazing hack. Often hard pulls are required and they can really affect your credit score in the short-term, plus they stack up for a 2 year period so if you’re applying for multiple cards, credit lines or loans; they’ll all stay on your record.

If you frequent a store that has a Comenity Bank card, it's worth considering their credit card rewards program, even though these cards typically lack those great features & perks we all look for such as points or cash back, there are still often store-specific rewards (i.e. BJ’s discounts) that you can earn.

Lastly, it needs to be said. Most of these credit cards, or really any credit card that’s “easy” to qualify for, come with lower limits and higher interest rates. It’s a risk thing. They want to extend the credit and get people to shop in their store, but they don’t want to lose money, so they start small, charge heavy interest and then over time you can raise your limit with responsible use.

That being said, think of Comenity store-brand cards like a “stepping stone”. It’s easy credit that can help you build your credit and in a year or 2 you may be able to qualify for higher limit, lower APR cards from top banks like AMEX, Chase, Capital One, Discover and more.

If you need to improve your credit, especially after filing for bankruptcy, take a look at this article on how to get a 700 credit score 24 months after filing for bankruptcy.

If you’d like to shop around for credit cards, visit this section of our site. Oh and if you already have a credit card and want to see how long it will take to pay it off, plus the ability to adjust the monthly payment to pay it off sooner, check out our credit card debt payoff calculator.

When you have 92 credit partners it can get a little hectic for consumers to figure out how, or even WHO to pay their bill to! This is why Comenity created Easypay.

The purpose of EasyPay is to make paying your account on time a whole lot easier, no matter which store you have your card through and it has a really simple login box (shown below) that you can't miss when you click on "Sign In" (shown below) on any of the Store pages linked in the list.

Comenity Sign In Button (top of page)

Comenity Account Login Screen (pops in the blue box)

Comenity Retail Store List

Complete list of comenity retail stores and EasyPay links.

Store Name Easy Pay Link
Abercrombie & Fitch Abercrombie & Fitch Easy Pay Login
American Home American Home Easy Pay Login
American Kennel Club American Kennel Club Easy Pay Login
Ann Taylor Ann Taylor Easy Pay Login
Appleseed’s Appleseed’s Easy Pay Login
Arhaus Archarge Arhaus Archarge Easy Pay Login
Ashley Stewart Ashley Stewart Easy Pay Login
Avenue Avenue Easy Pay Login
Barney’s New York Barney’s New York Easy Pay Login
Bealls Florida Bealls Florida Easy Pay Login
Bed Bath & Beyond Bed Bath & Beyond Easy Pay Login
Bedford Fair Bedford Fair Easy Pay Login
Big Lots Big Lots Easy Pay Login
BJ’s BJ's Easy Pay Login
Blair Blair Easy Pay Login
Blue Nile Blue Nile Easy Pay Login
Boscovs Boscovs Easy Pay Login
BrylaneHome BrylaneHome Easy Pay Login
Buckle Buckle Easy Pay Login
Burkes Outlet Burkes Outlet Easy Pay Login
Camping World/Good Sam Camping World/Good Sam Easy Pay Login
Catherines Catherines Easy Pay Login
Chadwicks of Boston Chadwicks of Boston Easy Pay Login
Children’s Place Children’s Place Easy Pay Login
Christopher & Banks Christopher & Banks Easy Pay Login
Colombian Emeralds Colombian Emeralds Easy Pay Login
Crate & Barrel Crate & Barrel Easy Pay Login
David’s Bridal David’s Bridal Easy Pay Login
Draper’s & Damon’s Draper’s & Damon’s Easy Pay Login
DSW DSW Easy Pay Login
Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer Easy Pay Login
El Dorado Furniture El Dorado Furniture Easy Pay Login
Express Express Next Easy Pay Login
Forever 21 Forever21 Easy Pay Login
GameStop GameStop Easy Pay Login
Gardner-White Gardner-White Easy Pay Login
Gordmans Gordmans Easy Pay Login
Haband Haband Easy Pay Login
Home & Garden Showplace Home & Garden Showplace Easy Pay Login
Hot Topic Hot Topic Easy Pay Login
HSN HSN Easy Pay Login
Iddeal Iddeal Easy Pay Login
J.Crew J.Crew Easy Pay Login
Jessica London Jessica London Easy Pay Login
J.Jill J.Jill Easy Pay Login
KingSize KingSize Easy Pay Login
Lands’ End Lands’ End Easy Pay Login
Lane Bryant Lane Bryant Easy Pay Login
Little Switzerland Jewels Little Switzerland Jewels Easy Pay Login
LOFT LOFT Easy Pay Login
Marisota From JD Williams Marisota From JD Williams Easy Pay Login
Meijer Meijer Easy Pay Login
Modell's Modell's Easy Pay Login
NY&C (New York & Company) NY&C (New York & Company) Easy Pay Login
Old Pueblo Traders Old Pueblo Traders Easy Pay Login
Orbitz Orbitz Easy Pay Login
Overstock Overstock Easy Pay Login
Peebles Peebles Easy Pay Login
Piercing Pagoda Piercing Pagoda Easy Pay Login
Pier 1 Imports Pier 1 Imports Easy Pay Login
Pottery Barn Pottery Barn Easy Pay Login
Roaman's Roaman's Easy Pay Login
Room Place Room Place Easy Pay Login
Restoration Hardware Restoration Hardware Easy Pay Login
Smile Generation Financial Smile Generation Financial Easy Pay Login
Sportman's Guide Sportman's Guide Easy Pay Login
Sony Visa Sony Easy Pay Login
Stage Stores Stage Stores Easy Pay Login
Tile Shop Tile Shop Easy Pay Login
Tog Shop Tog Shop Easy Pay Login
Torrid Torrid Easy Pay Login
Total Rewards (Caesar's Rewards) Total Rewards Easy Pay Login
Trek Bikes Trek Bikes Easy Pay Login
True Value True Value Easy Pay Login
Venus Venus Easy Pay Login
Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret Easy Pay Login
Wayfair Card Wayfair Easy Pay Login
West Elm West Elm Easy Pay Login
Williams-Sonoma Visa Williams-Sonoma Easy Pay Login
Winter Silks Winter Silks Easy Pay Login
Woman Within Woman Within Easy Pay Login
Ulta Beauty (Ultamate Rewards) Ulta Beauty Easy Pay Login
Zales Zales Easy Pay Login
Z Gallerie Z Gallerie Easy Pay Login

Comenity Store Credit Card Agreements

Store Agreement
Adorama Adorama Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
ALL Rewards ALL Rewards Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Ann Taylor ALL Rewards Ann Taylor ALL Rewards Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Ann Taylor ALL Rewards Mastercard Ann Taylor ALL Rewards Mastercard Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Arhaus Archarge Arhaus Archarge Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Avenue Avenue credit card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Bealls Family of Stores Bealls Family of Stores Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
BrylaneHome BrylaneHome Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Buckle Buckle Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Burkes Bealls Family of Stores Burkes Bealls Family of Stores Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Catherines Catherines - Catherines Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
DSW Visa DSW Visa - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
J.Crew J.Crew Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
Jessica London Jessica London Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf
KingSize KingSize Credit Card - Credit Card Agreement.pdf

Common Questions

What is EasyPay?

EasyPay is an innovative payment feature offered by Comenity Bank for its credit cardholders. This feature allows cardholders to make monthly payments toward their credit card balance in a convenient and flexible manner.

How to Sign Up for EasyPay

To take advantage of EasyPay, cardholders must log in to their credit card account and enroll in the program. The enrollment process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Making Payments with EasyPay

Cardholders can make payments using EasyPay by logging into their credit card account and selecting the EasyPay option. This option provides a convenient and secure platform for cardholders to make payments toward their credit card balance.

Is There a Fee for Using EasyPay?

No, there is no fee associated with using EasyPay. Cardholders can enjoy the convenience of making monthly payments toward their credit card balance without incurring additional costs.

Modifying EasyPay Payment Amounts or Due Dates

Cardholders can change their EasyPay payment amounts or due dates by logging into their credit card account and making the necessary modifications. This flexibility allows cardholders to tailor their payments to meet their individual financial needs and circumstances.

Consequences of Missing an EasyPay Payment

If a cardholder misses an EasyPay payment, they may be subject to a late fee and an increase in their interest rate. It is essential for cardholders to make their payments on time to avoid these negative consequences.

Can One-Time Payments be Made While Enrolled in EasyPay?

Yes, even if a cardholder is enrolled in EasyPay, they can still make a one-time payment. This flexibility allows cardholders to make additional payments or pay off their balance in full if they choose.