Why I Rejoined My Sam's Club After 15 Years (2024)

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published Jan 16, 2024





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At times shopping at the neighborhood grocery store just doesn’t suffice, and only a stop at a warehouse club will do the trick. Choosing between Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s Wholesale Club for your bulk buying involves careful consideration of location, available products, and membership fees.

After over a decade of membership at Costco, I rejoined Sam’s Club last year after a 15-year hiatus and have been exploring the array of benefits the club offers. Here’s a breakdown of how much it costs to join Sam’s Club and many of the benefits that members are eligible for.

How Much Does a Sam’s Club Membership Cost?

  • Club membership: This basic level of membership costs $50 per year for you and a second member of your household, and comes with a limited number of perks, including access to the tire and battery center and eligibility for the Sam’s Club Mastercard.
  • Plus membership: This premium membership level costs $110 per year for you and another member of your household, and comes with the full range of membership benefits, including extra warehouse shopping hours, potential to earn Sam’s Cash, and free shipping on most items.
  • Add-on memberships: Members may add additional members to their account for just $45. Club members can add up to eight people, while Plus members can add up to 16.
  • Membership discounts: Teachers, military members, medical professionals, students, seniors, and government employees may be eligible for up to a 60% discount on new memberships. Sam’s Club periodically offers membership discounts.I paid just $25 for my club membership after searching for “Sam’s Club membership deals” online.
Sam's Club Membership$50Sam's Club

Buy Now

How to Earn Cash Back with a Sam’s Club Membership

Sam’s Club offers a loyalty rewards program called “Sam’s Cash” to Plus members and members who have a Sam’s Club Mastercard. Here’s how it works.

  • 2% Sam’s Cash earned on purchase price of qualifying items (more on that below).
  • A maximum of $500 Sam’s Cash can be earned per membership year.
  • Sam’s Club members can use their Sam’s Club Mastercard to earn up to $5,000 in Sam’s Cash each calendar year.

Here are a few of the highlights found nestled within the fine print of the Sam’s Cash program.

  • Purchases must be made in the club or with Curbside Pickup. Purchases made on SamsClub.com do not qualify.
  • The primary and second complimentary household cardholder can earn Sam’s Cash, while purchases made by add-on members do not qualify.
  • If items are returned, the Sam’s Cash earned on that purchase is deducted from the member’s accrued Sam’s Cash.
  • If purchases made inside the club with Sam’s Cash are returned, that value is refunded in a gift card or cash.
  • Purchases of alcohol, tobacco, fuel, milk, gift cards, and other items do not earn Sam’s Cash.
  • Sam’s Cash doesn’t expire, but you have to have an active membership to redeem.

What Makes a Sam’s Club Membership Worth It?

A membership to any warehouse club goes beyond the big packages of toilet paper. There are perks throughout the store and online. Here are some that make a Sam’s Club membership totally worth the price of admission.

  • Gas: If you’re considering a Sam’s Club membership, there’s a good chance that you’ll use a car to transport your haul back home. Before you leave the lot, make sure to fill up on gas. The savings at the pump can add up for both Club and Plus members.
  • Online shopping experience: Prices on Sam’s Club’s website and in-store are the same. That makes comparison shopping and sticking to a budget so much easier (especially if you prefer the convenience of ordering online).
  • Curbside pickup: The Sam’s Club app and website make it easy to place your order and pick up without ever having to set foot inside. This service is free for Plus members and costs just $4 per order for Club members.
  • Scan & go: This brilliant bit of technology lets you scan items in the Sam’s Club app as you shop and pay without stopping by a register. Not only that, but there are also even bigger discounts marked throughout the store that you can claim only if you’re using Scan & Go.
  • Bulk buy name brands: One major difference between Costco and Sam’s Club was the latter’s focus on stocking more national name brands. This was most evident to me in the snacks and drinks sections of the warehouse, so it’s worth looking for the legacy brands that you’ve relied on for years.

What If You Live in a Smaller Household?

Smaller households have to think twice about whether buying in bulk is a useful money- and/or time-saving strategy for them. I hold the opinion that warehouse shopping can work for every home, no matter the size. Here are some strategies that smaller households can use to make shopping at Sam’s Club worth it.

  • Bulk buying = fewer trips to the store. If you rely on the warehouse store for your staple ingredients like proteins, frozen foods, and pantry ingredients, you’ll only have to replenish fresh fruits and vegetables as needed. This translates to fewer trips to the grocery store and more options on hand for meal preparation.
  • Take advantage of perks. Even if you shop at Sam’s Club just a few times a year, the money you save can make a membership worth it if you take advantage of all the included benefits. Discounts on flat tire repairs, fuel center savings, deals on some prescriptions and eye glasses, plus the lower prices Sam’s Club can offer on appliances and entertainment equipment.

Reasons You Might Pass on a Sam’s Club Membership

A Sam’s Club membership isn’t for everyone. You might want to skip a membership to this warehouse if the location is inconvenient or you don’t have extra pantry or freezer storage space. If your family’s budget needs to remain consistent week-to-week, a bulk shopping trip may leave your accounts too low for other bills.

Can You Shop at Sam’s Club Without a Membership?

Non-members can shop SamsClub.com without a membership by creating a guest membership online during the checkout process. A 10% surcharge will apply. Members can bring up to two guests to Sam’s Club per visit, but only the member may purchase items.

The optical center, pharmacy, and food court are open to the public and do not require a Sam’s Club membership.

Are you a Sam’s Club member? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Why I Rejoined My Sam's Club After 15 Years (2024)


Why did Sam's Club revoke my membership? ›

Writing bad checks. Shoplifting. Violent behavior. Abusive, disrespectful or threatening behavior toward an Associate.

How much does it cost to rejoin Sam's Club? ›

Renewal rates are the same as your join rate, $110 for Plus and $50 for a Club Membership. Sign in to your SamsClub.com account to check renewal date or renew online. Pay your membership fees with accrued Sam's Cash, cards on file or you can add a new card for the renewal.

How long does Sam's Club membership last? ›

A new Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation, unless noted otherwise. Membership expiration and renewal date is shown in your online account and any order receipt.

What is the retention rate of Sam's Club? ›

However, as of February 2021, Walmart's financial report data showed that Sam's Club has 13.3% year-on-year sales growth. The membership revenue reached the highest quarterly growth in the past five years with a new member increase of more than 60% and a core member retention rate over 80%.

What does revoke membership mean? ›

"revoke membership" is a correct and usable phrase in written English. You could use it when you wish to cancel or terminate a person's membership of a particular organization or group.

How do I go back to regular Sam's Club membership? ›

If you wish to downgrade your Sam's Club Membership, you have a couple options:
  1. Option 1: Visit the Member Services Desk at any club to downgrade from a Plus to a Club membership.
  2. Option 2: Call 1 (888) 746-7726 and say "downgrade my membership" when prompted to be transferred to the correct team.

How much is the Sam's Club membership deal for 2024? ›

Until May 31, 2024, first-time members can get 50% off an annual Sam's Club membership. That means if you're looking for incredible savings, you won't want to miss this chance to join Sam's Club for just $25 for an entire year.

Is the $25 Sam's Club membership legit? ›

Sam's Club 1-Year Membership: $25

The membership will expire one year from the activation date, and will automatically renew at the full price of $50 per year after that unless you cancel it. To cancel, you can visit SamsClub.com or a club or call 1-888-746-7726.

Can Sam's membership be cancelled? ›

If at any time you're unsatisfied with your membership, let us know and we will cancel your membership and provide a refund of the amount paid for your current year membership fee.

Can I have two Sam's memberships? ›

$50 for an annual membership that includes one card for the primary account holder and a free, complimentary card for another member of your household. Add on up to 8 additional members at a reduced rate of $45 each, each including a complimentary. An Add-on can also create their own membership.

Is the 14.99 Sam's Club membership real? ›

The Sam's Club $14.99 promotion is hosted by StackCommerce and offers new members a substantial discount on a 1-year membership, which normally retails for $45. Also included is a free $10 Sam's Club eGift card, a limited-time bonus.

What is the difference between Sam's Club and Sam's Club Plus? ›

Everyone knows that becoming a Sam's Club member can save them money. But there's a way to take your savings to the next level: An upgraded Sam's Club Plus membership offers you a 2% reward on your Sam's Club purchases, plus free shipping, select free prescriptions and more great perks.

What is the most expensive Sam's Club membership? ›

Get all the best perks, exclusive savings & so much more.
  • Club. $50/year. Select Club.
  • Best Value. Plus. $110/year. Select Plus.

What company has the highest retention rate? ›

The 2021 Working Best: Employee Retention Leaders include:
  • Cardinal Health, Inc. (TRR: 19.4)
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation (TRR: 22.6)
  • Merck & Co., Inc. (TRR: 24.7)
  • Pfizer Inc. (TRR: 24.9)
  • Verizon Communications Inc. ...
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (TRR: 34.3)
  • The Procter & Gamble Company (TRR: 34.8)
  • Best Buy Co., Inc.
Jan 14, 2021

Who is the average customer of Sam's Club? ›

Share of U.S. wholesale clubs consumers 2022, by household income. Between June 2021 and May 2022, over 50% of Sam's Club's consumers had a household income of less than 50,000 U.S. dollars. On the other hand,14.8% of Costco consumers had a household income of over 150,000 U.S. dollars.

Do you lose Sam's Club rewards? ›

You must have an active Sam's Club Membership to redeem Sam's Cash. Any Sam's Cash noted as available in the Membership Dashboard will not expire. You can redeem Sam's Cash once you renew your membership.

Can you let someone use your Sam's Club membership? ›

Membership cards are non-transferable and are inclusive to card and household cardholders. With a membership you are granted one primary membership card and another card for a spouse or member of your household 18 years of age or older.

Does Sam's Club refund membership? ›

If at any time you're unsatisfied with your membership, let us know and we will cancel your membership and provide a refund of the amount paid for your current year membership fee.

Did Sam's Club discontinue business membership? ›

The transition away from the traditional Business membership marks a strategic shift towards simpler, more inclusive membership structures. Despite the discontinuation of the Business membership, Sam's Club remains dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes through its revamped Club and Plus tiers.

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