Escape From Tarkov "Vitamins - Part 1" Quest Guide (2024)

Vitamins – Part 1 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Skier. The quest leads to Vitamins – Part 2.

Escape From Tarkov Vitamins – Part 1 Quest Details

Vitamins – Part 1 Quest Dialogue

Ah, it’s you… Long time no see. I thought maybe you got whacked, but, as it turns out, you’re a bit of a diehard. Whatever, you’re alive and that’s good, so listen here. People say there’s a new product on the market, some stuff in fancy chemical containers, like your gun silencer, but a bit larger. What’s inside them, whether it’s new drugs or just some vitamin B, no f****** idea whatsoever. And that’s what we need to find out, I bet that the blue-barrel s*** from Polikhim is somehow connected to this, but I don’t know for a fact. These containers were seen at the resort, and one pal of mine claims to have seen them with EMERCOM people at the Interchange, but he was in delirium at that time, so maybe it’s just his imagination… To cut the long story short, find me a few of those containers, I have a couple of eggheads who might figure out what the f*** is inside.


  • Obtain the first Chemical container on Shoreline
  • Hand over the first container
  • Obtain the second Chemical container on Interchange
  • Hand over the second container
  • Obtain the third Chemical container on Interchange
  • Hand over the third container


  • 13000 XP
  • +0.05 reputation with Skier
  • 46,540 Roubles
  • 3x Holosun HS401G5 sight
  • 2x Trijicon SRS-02 reflex sight
  • -0.01 reputation with Jaeger

Reward Dialogue

Oh, so you actually brought some? Splendid! Hands still intact after touching all these chems? I’ll get the eggheads working then, let them tinker with the stuff.


This quest asks us to head to two different maps. Those are Shoreline and Interchange. On Shoreline, there’s only one Chemical Container, while on Interchange there are two.

Required Items

You need two different keys to complete this quest successfully:

  • Emercom medical unit key
    • A key to the Emercom Medical care unit at the ULTRA shopping mall.
  • Health Resort west wing office room 112 key
    • A key to the Azure Coast sanatorium west wing office room 112.

Now that we clarified that, let’s see where exactly you need to go to get these documents.

Vitamins – Part 1 Chemicals on Interchange

Below you can find the map of Interchange, with both Emercom and Mantis highlighted. That’s exactly where you need to go and pick up the two Chemical Containers. One of them is in Emercom (Locked), and the other one is in Mantis. They are close to each other.

Interchange Chemical Containers Close up Images

Vitamins – Part 1 Chemical Container on Shoreline

The quest item is located in Room 112 in the West Wing of the Resort. That is on the first floor.

So if you enter from the hole in the wall, just continue straight and you will see the room on your left side.

Shoreline Chemical Container Close up Images


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      Escape From Tarkov "Vitamins - Part 1" Quest Guide (2024)


      What keys do you need for Lend Lease Part 1? ›

      To prepare for this quest you need to obtain just these two keys: West wing room 216 key and East wing room 306 key. You can also use the East wing room 308 key instead of the latter one, they both give access to the same balcony.

      Where can I get vitamins in Tarkov? ›

      The first container can be found in room 112 of the Resort west wing on Shoreline. Health Resort west wing office room 112 key needed. Little more light showing where the container is located in the room. The second container can be found in the "EMERCOM medical unit" on Interchange.

      What are vitamins used for in Tarkov? ›

      A demanded item in conditions of reduced immunity.

      Do you need a key for Aquarius Part 1? ›

      A Dorm room 206 key is required to enter it. The key can be found on Scavs, as well as be bartered at Therapist LL1 for 7 Piles of meds. Once you have obtained the key, head to the second floor of the two-story dorms. After unlocking the door you just need to walk into the room to complete the objective.

      What are the Lend Lease rules? ›

      Passed on March 11, 1941, this act set up a system that would allow the United States to lend or lease war supplies to any nation deemed "vital to the defense of the United States."

      What key do I need for chemical part 1? ›

      In this quest you have to pick up a secure folder and find a Dorm room 220 key.

      Where is the first trading post on shoreline? ›

      Mark the three medical trading posts on Shoreline with the MS2000 Markers. They can be found in the following locations: *The first trading post is located near the ambulance in the front of the health resort. *The second trading post is in the backyard of the cottage close to the house.

      Where does the shoreline start? ›

      A shoreline can be defined as the region where the water bodies such as lakes, seas, and oceans meet the land. It can also be considered the boundary between the land surface and water bodies.

      How do you farm vitality tarkov? ›

      Tips. A safer option to raise vitality is to obtain a heavy bleed and use Propital regenerative stimulant injector to heal yourself without fixing the heavy bleed. You can also use barbed wire with its lower damage output and combine these two options.

      What heals should I bring tarkov? ›

      If one of your body parts were injured, you can heal it with a basic medkit (AI-2, IFAK, etc.). Once a body part reaches 0 points in a raid, it remains “blacked out” only within the raid.

      Where is good loot tarkov? ›

      In the 'Far Corner' area of Customs, there are three buildings grouped closely together that make for some of the best loot-gathering opportunities in the game. There is a dense concentration of 'stashes', which are hidden loot spots buried into the ground that can spawn absolutely anything.

      Can your Hideout get raided in Tarkov? ›

      When your hideout accumulates enough danger, it may be subjected to a raid. You can prevent this by lowering your danger or moving your hideout. If your hideout stays like this for a while, you will get raided.

      Why do you use Vaseline in tarkov? ›

      Description. Vaseline, or, more precisely, petroleum jelly, is a versatile ointment used for a number of purposes where its water insulation and lubrication properties are required, for instance, treating small cuts and burns, coating corrosion-prone items or lubricating gear that requires non-acidic lubricants.

      What does Ifak do in tarkov? ›

      IFAK individual first aid kit
      Use time3s
      EffectMax heal per use: 50 Buffs: Removes: , Radiation Exposure Adds: Debuffs: Causes: only when treating heavy bleeding
      3 more rows

      Who took part in the Lend Lease program? ›

      Lend-Lease Begins and Expands

      Further, over the succeeding months, Roosevelt exercised his power under the Act to add more countries to the list of aid recipients. By the end of 1942, the list included the Soviet Union, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the governments-in-exile of Poland, the Netherlands, and Norway.

      Where is the third motor controller on shoreline? ›

      The third controller is located in the health resort. Head to room 306 in the east wing. You either need a Health Resort east wing room 306 key or a Health Resort east wing room 308 key to gain access to the room.

      Where is the motor controller in Woods? ›

      Quest items are located on Woods and Shoreline. At first, here is what you need to find on Woods: The 1st motor controller is in the jeep at the UN roadblock near the makeshift. Open the front door; the controller will be near the gearbox.

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