Ark Valguero Resources Map – Coordinates For Polymer, Oil, Pearls, and More (2024)

The new Ark Valguero map in Ark: Survival Evolved offers a ton of resources but they aren’t really easy to find. It is evident by your presence on our page, looking for ways to find resources fast. Rest assured we have your back and will explain where to find resources in Ark: Survival Evolved Valguero map. Ark Valguero Resources Locations Guide is going to walk you through all resources as well as collectibles.

Ark Valguero Resources Locations and map

There are over 10 types of resources you can find on the Valguero map. The following resources locations guide will explain how and where to find resources on the new Ark: Survival Evolved map.

Ark Valguero Resources Map – Coordinates For Polymer, Oil, Pearls, and More (1)

1. Metals and Gems

We will start with the easier ones and the easiest resource to find are Metals and Gems. Metals are found all over the map so you don’t really need a specific location for these resources. But in case you want a location, head over to 38.9/57.6 and you will find a cave entrance under the cliff beside the lake.

Keep going until you reach 29.3/62.2 where there is an opening in the ground. This is the location where you will find different metals and gems in abundance. Look for brightly colored and shiny rocks to get gems. Meanwhile, you will find metals inside black rocks that are all over the cave. You can find a ton of metals and gems in this location.

2. Cactus

There are multiple sizes of Cactus. You can find small as well as large-sized Cactus around the map. They aren’t very hard to locate on the Ark Valguero map. You can locate them easily based on their shape. Smaller Cactus are spherical with flowers on top. Larger-sized Cactus have a rod-like structure on top of them.

So, where to find Cactus? Open your map to see where the White Cliff area is. Head over to the White Cliff and look for the Cactus we described. They aren’t hard to locate but if you can’t find them, try to fly over the location for a better scan.

3. Sulfur

One of the resources on Ark Valguero is Sulfur. It is a coal-like semi-solid material found on the map. This resource is most commonly found near Volcanos and in Wyvern locations. It is found in powdered form as Sulfur dust in the air. You can collect Sulfur inside the Wyvern Scar at 08.1/77.1. There is plenty of Sulfur around this area for you.

4. Raw Salt

Raw Salt is mostly found near the steep hills and rocky areas on the Ark Valguero map. The best location we could find is at 78.1/90.0. The location hosts an abundance of Raw Salt.

5. Crystals and Obsidian

Well, these are interesting materials and one of the hardest to find if you don’t know where to look. First, you need to know how they look.

  • Crystals – They are flower-like clusters protruding from the ground.
  • Obsidian – It is a black solid material engraved at the foothills of mountains and cliffs.

There is a snow biome at 14.3/81.9. Atop a nearby cliff, you will find crystals all over the place. Across the cliff, on the slop and its feet, you will also find Obsidian scattered around the area.

If you were visiting the White Cliff area for Cactus, also look for Crystals and Obsidian at 81.0/75.1. The same materials are found in the Red Woods area. Search around cliffs and elevated locations.

6. Oil

Oil is another key ingredient you need for building. You can find Oil near oil pumps and drills. You can easily find it as it is being dug out of the ground. Moreover, it is found near the coast and riversides

Look for Oil near coasts and riversides or under the lake as it seeps out of the ground. Go to 17.9/88.7, it is a good location to find Oil on the coast and underwater coming out of the ground. Just don’t drown.

7. Cementing Paste

Cementing Paste is a resource you probably be using the most in Ark: Survival Evolved Valguero. It is one of the main items you use in crafting. I don’t have to explain how it looks but it is greyish liquid if you don’t already know. It is found in water bodies.

One good location to find Cementing Paste is beaver dams. Along the river coast, there are many dams you can find. Cementing Paste puddles spawn near the dams; you can find a ton of Cementing Paste here. You can use the coordinates 39.2/16.4 to find Cementing Paste around beaver dams.

8. Polymer

Among the easier ones to find on Ark Valguero is Polymer which is available at different locations on the map.

Go to Wyvern Scar at 08.7/79.2 to find Polymer around the area. The next location you can visit is 18.7/89.1 in the snow biome on the top right corner of the map. Last but not least we have 38.5/34.9 which is the starter area on the river coast. You will find many dolphins outside the water.

9. Pearls

Do we really need to explain where to find pearls? They are on the water bodies inside lakes and rivers. You need to dive in and look for seashells that sit on the bottom of rivers and lakes. Seashells are white and look like dead fish.

Go to 42.6/53.5 and enter the river where you can find pearls at the bottom of the river just waiting to be picked up. There is a trail of pearls you can find. Try to locate tube-shaped clusters and pearls will be nearby.

10. Other Resources

There are some other resources you can find in Ark Valguero. We have Fiber, Flint, Fat, Wood, and Stone all over the map.

  • Flint and stones can be found along the way. Just look for rocks you can use and inside you will also find flint.
  • Wood is extremely easy to find in the game. Cut down trees for wood and pick flowers by hand for fiber.
  • Fungal wood you need to enter the cave at 38.9/57.6.

This is our Ark Valguero resources locations guide, and how to find them. Hope this helps your journey in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark Valguero Resources Map – Coordinates For Polymer, Oil, Pearls, and More (2024)
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