Ark: Valguero Resources Guide – Where to Find Resources (2024)

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Ark: Valguero Resources Guide – Where to Find Resources (1)

In this Ark: Valguero Resources Guide, we will show you the best locations to find resources in the brand new map Valguero for ARK: Survival Evolved. This guide will pinpoint the coordinates of all the places where you can collect the various resources the game offers.

Valguero comes as the new extensive map in Ark: Survival Evolved. Once you begin your journey in this new world, you will want to look for resources. Our guide will show you all the locations where we have found resourceful items like Polymer, Cementing Paste, Pearls, Obsidian, etc.

Below we have detailed all the resource locations found in Valguero map of the game. Follow the coordinates that we have shared below where you will find the exact locations of the resources.


There are a couple of locations where you can find Polymer in Valguero. The locations are listed below:

  • 38.5, 34.9: This is a beach where you can find a lot of dolphins to collect polymer
  • 18.7, 89.1: This location is at the snow biome where you can find lots of penguins spawning around in this area. So you have plenty of polymer that you can collect here


The easiest place to find pearls is the rivers. The best locations to find them is the river that is dead center of the map:

  • 42.6, 53.3: Look around underwater in this river where you will find plenty of pearls scattered around in the river.
  • 37.8, 33.1: In the westernmost side of the river is an underwater cave system. It contains a lot of Black Pearls and Silica Pearls. There are a lot of sharks, squids eels in the water, so you have to be careful in your approach.

You can also find some pearls over at the white cliffs in the water pools, or by the green obelisk if you in need for more pearls.

Cementing Paste

Cementing Paste is the most sought resource item for anybody in a new location. Valguero is no different, and it does offer some locations where you can collect Cementing Paste. Go to the locations below for cementing paste:

  • 53.6, 73.3: There are multiple beaver dams here where you can collect Cementing Paste. This area offers the most Cementing Paste, which is also going to attract more players.
  • 39.9, 16.4: This next location is not going to be so crowded, and it can give you a lot of Cementing Paste. This should be the first location where you should go to get the cementing paste.


You can find lots of Oil in the snowy region of the map. Especially around the area where you can find Polymer. The exact location on the map is listed below:

  • 17.9, 88.7: There is a lot of oil nodes around here and is the best place to come if you don’t have an Oil Pump.

Obsidian and Crystal

You can find a lot of Crystal and Obsidian littered around this area. Go to the exact locations mentioned below:

  • 14.3, 81.9: This location will take you to a snowy mountain that has a lot of Obsidian scattered around at the base of it. Meanwhile, the top of the mountain will have lots of Crystal that you can collect for yourself.
  • 81.0, 75.1: There is a lot of Obsidian and Crystal that you can collect here in the White Cliff area.


There is an abundant supply of Sulfur in Valguero, and more so in the Wyvern Scar location. Go to the location mentioned below:

  • 08.1, 77.1: This place has a lot of sulfur and it is also easily recognizable with its yellow color.


Cactus can be a little hard to find, but it is found in the White Cliff area which is a very good spot for a decent amount of Cactus.

  • 74.1, 86.1: You can find some large and small Cactus around here, But its best to look around for more in this region.

Metal, Fungal Wood, Gems

You can find a lot of Metal in the new map, as there is a lot scattered around in many areas. However, if are looking to collect the most out of a location, then you should head over to the Aberration Trench. This location contains a lot of Metal, Fungal Wood, and Green Gems.

  • 38.9, 57.6: You will find Aberration Trench right next to the lake. This will take you to deeper to the location of the resources.
  • 30.0, 62.1: In the trench, you will find a lot of Metal, Fungal Wood and Green Gems in this area that you can collect.

Raw Salt

There is a really good location for you to find Raw Salt. Go to the location mentioned below:

  • 78.1, 90.0: This location is at the bottom right region of the map, and it contains a lot of Raw Salt at the bottom of the valley.

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This concludes our Ark ValgueroResources Guide. Feel free to comment below.

Ark: Valguero Resources Guide – Where to Find Resources (2024)
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