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Welcome to B & B Bernedoodles!

If you are looking for a stress free puppy buying experience you have found it! We are a small family breeder that specialize in raising the highest quality Mini and Micro Mini Bernedoodles. B&B Bernedoodles is based in Rutherford, New Jersey.

If you're looking for the perfect companion dog, a dog with brains, personality, loyalty and beauty - you have come to the right place!!! Mini and Micro Mini Bernedoodles make great service / comfort dogs for people and children with disabilities, military persons with PTSD and people who just need someone to love and cuddle with. We have seen first hand what a difference a Mini and Micro Mini Bernedoodles can make in a child or a persons' life. Unfortunately, many people can't afford such a dog but it's our mission at B & B Bernedoodles to lower the cost to those who need comfort and love. If someone in your family can benefit from such a beautiful, smart and loving animal then please contact us!

We also understand how important and comforting they are to our loved ones after we pass on. Nobody wants to think about it, but when that sad day arrives, how comforting would it be to have a new companion to assist in the healing process.

We take reservations on puppies and you can pre-pick the gender/color and estimated time you think you would like your puppy to be able to come home. You can pick from as many litters as you wish and the pick is based on the order in which the reservations and deposits were placed.

We have both Dame Bella a TriColor F1 Mini Bernedoodle and Sire Beau who is a pure breed Apricot and White Miniature Poodle on site for you to meet. Joining our Mini team in 2021 is Brandy another Tri-Color F1 and Baby also a F1 in 2022 a rare four-color Blue Merle. This way you know who all the parents are and not just the mother. Your Mini Bernedoodles should weigh between 20 and 50 pounds fully grown.

Our Micro-Mini Bernedoodle team consists of Bonnie a female tri-color Mini Bernedoodle and is the swimmer of the pack! Beethoven is a male apricot blue merle Toy Poodle and Benji is a white, blue merle Toy Poodle. Your Micro-Mini Bernedoodle should weigh in at 10 to 25 pounds fully grown. See the Puppy Parents tab under our About Bernedoodles tab for pictures and details.

All are our family pets and live onsite full time!

As with any breeder we cannot guarantee the size of your puppy once fully grown. Size really depends on many factors such as whether your puppy's genetics take after the mother or father. How often the puppy is fed food and treats? How much exercise does your puppy get? These factors also will be a consideration. Since we do weigh the puppies everyday from birth until you pick up your puppy we can help guide you to which puppies we think will tend to grow more to Mom's size or to Dad's size once mature.

All of our puppies are bred, born and raised inside our home not in a barn or separate structure away from the family home! We believe it is very important that the puppies are brought up and cared for in a loving home, surrounded by people who love them. We are devoted to socialize each puppy with the daily sights, sounds and smells that they will be experiencing in your own home, as well as to other animals etc. cats and other dogs and other people both children and adult. They are also exposed to every day noises and activities such as vacuuming, doorbell/phone ringing etc. We also start the toileting training for you. We know how important it is to have a stress-free transition from our home to yours.

The above is a very important integration process that is often overlooked by most breeders. They have their puppies in a separate facility away from the family and all of the every day noises. This can make the puppy become very nervous and jittery, which is not necessary. We strive to make the transition process as smooth as possible from one loving home to another loving home.

All puppies come with a nose to tail certified vet guarantee, birth certificate, puppy shots and a great, large take home puppy basket filled with food/toys/goodies (see contents under puppy tab, take home kit). We get generous donations and coupons from many companies and with the puppies approval we pass them on to you. We hope that you will continue to buy these products once you see how much your puppy loves them. Please see our Favorite Suppliers/Donations page. We want to make sure that all out new puppies go home with a great start and this gives you more time during those first few days to spend getting to know your new puppy instead of racing around shopping.

We spend a lot of time, money, and effort into choosing our parent dogs and testing them before proceeding with breeding to help ensure healthy offspring and outstanding temperaments. We are confident that should you purchase a puppy from us, you will be more than satisfied with your new family member and the service you receive!

If you see a puppy that you would like to see please contact us and we would be happy to schedule a paw visit or a Zoom meeting at our location and address any questions or concerns you might have. If you wish we can place you on a wait list. We pride ourselves in having an open communication with our new puppy owners. You can reach out to us any time should you have questions and we will be happy to help. We also would love for you to send us updated pictures of your new family member and here about all your adorable stories that you have experienced with your new companion.

About Us | B&B Bernedoodles | United States (2024)
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