A Woodman’s Oil Change: What To Know Before You Schedule (2024)

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One of the most popular places to get gas these days is through supermarket chains. It’s fast, more convenient, and relatively affordable than buying fuel from prominent gas brands. With the rising gas prices, customers appreciate that they can shop from a supermarket, receive rewards and points for gas, and fill up their cars for good discounts.

If you live in Wisconsin (especially Waukesha County) and Northern Illinois, you’ve probably heard of Woodman’s grocery chain, food market, and gas products. Or not, because Woodman’s only has 19 locations; it’s a relatively small grocery chain with a few places open 247. Did you know Woodman’s also provides oil changes besides offering fuel products?

For today’s post, we highlight Woodman’s oil change services and what you should know before making an appointment. Is it worth it to get a Woodman’s oil change? What can you expect during a scheduled oil change? Let’s take a look.

The Woodman’s Story and Overview

Founded in 1919, Woodman’s Markets had its humble beginnings as a produce stand. By 1921, the Woodman family moved their produce indoors and built a 580-square-foot grocery store named Woodman’s Super-Service Grocery Store. The Woodman sons worked in the grocery store and were rewarded with expanding the original store.

As the store kept growing throughout the 1940s and early 1950s, the son Willard decided to expand by building a larger 11,000-square-foot replacement store in Janesville. In 1971, Woodman’s expanded into the neighboring Beloit, WI, which was the first time the chain had opened its doors outside of Janesville. By 1973, a larger store had opened in Janesville.


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During the 1970s & 1980s, Woodman’s Markets kept on growing by adding more locations and remodeling old existing stores. By the 1990s, Woodman’s opened more locations in Appleton, Onalaska/La Crosse, and Kenosha. On a side note, the Kenosha location was the largest grocery store in the U.S. when it was built. During the early 2000s, Woodman’s branched out into Illinois by opening more stores in Rockford, Carpentersville, and North Aurora (2006).

In the present day, the 100-year institution continues to grow and remains employee-owned. In addition to the vast selection of grocery items and liquor selection, Woodman’s also has gas stations with oil change centers.

What Makes Woodman’s Oil Change Stand Out From the Competition?

Whenever there’s a Woodman gas station, you can trust that it offersone of the cheapest gas pricesin the area (try checking GasBuddy). Unlike other supermarket chains, Woodman’s doesn’t provide ways to save on gas prices, which also applies to their oil changes. Fortunately, Woodman’s oil change prices are also lower than most brands.

  • Affordable Oil Change Prices: Woodman’s oil change prices are on the lower end, so they’re cheaper than many comparable oil change services. Plus, all its prices are available at a flat rate, so there are no surprises whenever you visit for an oil change.
  • Simple Pricing Plans: Woodman’s Gas and Lube centers offer three tiers of oil change services: Good, Better, and Best. They’re basically Woodman’s version of regular, high-mileage, and fully synthetic oil changes. Simple and straight to the point, which makes choosing easier for the most part.
  • History of Great Service: As an employee-owned company, Woodman’s prides itself as a customer-centered business, which also applies to its oil change department. According to our research, many reviewers claim that Woodman’s technicians are quick, efficient, and not pushy – which is quite rare as far as auto maintenance and services go. In addition, many customers claimed they didn’t have to wait long whenever their vehicle was serviced. A huge plus when you want an oil change and be on your way.
  • Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection: While it’s not unique to Woodman’s, we can appreciate that all Woodman’s oil change services come with a complimentary multi-point inspection. This means on top of the oil change, they will change your oil filter, check or top-off your fluids (transmission, differential, radiator coolant, power steering, etc.), check the air filter and cabin air filter, monitor tire pressure, reset oil light, and many others.

It’s worth mentioning that Woodman’s oil change services are in partnership with Valvoline.


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Woodman’s Oil Change Prices and Hours

As mentioned, Woodman’s offers three oil change services: Good, Better, and Best. The base oil change service Good costs $31.99 and is recommended for customers who want basic levels of engine protection. Next, the Better package is available for $45.99 and is best used for vehicles with $75,000 miles or more. Lastly, the Best tier provides the best protection, performance, and fuel economy for $55.99. All Woodman oil change services come with a free multi-point vehicle inspection.

Woodman’s lube centers operate at the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 am – 5:45 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 am – 2:45 pm

Woodman’s Oil Change Reviews: What Do the Customers Say?

Below are some of the many reviews about Woodman’s oil change services:

First of all Woodman’s almost always has the cheapest gas anywhere around. They have good prices on oil changes too. Even when it is busy, which is when a lot of things move quickly. It’s hard for me to believe that someone is complaining about the place. Guess she likes paying more for gas, but I don’t. - Dave G viaYelp

This was my first time here. The techs were superb; friendly, honest about the wait time, and professional. The ONLY reason I gave a 4 star and not 5, is because of the cashier. There were two customers that checked out before me. She explained what would happen next and thanked them. Upon my check out, nothing, nada, zilch! And no thank you either. - 2010 HONDA FIT SPORT Owner viaCarfax


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Really fast service waited less than 10 min when I went in. You drive your car in the garage yourself and wait in your vehicle. I actually prefer the greasy guy who doesn’t need to drive my car. All employees working the day I went were friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to everyone I know. - Tammie Humman viaGoogle Reviews

Overall, Woodman’s oil change services aren’t as popular as many nationwide lube chains, but many customers like it. If you’re looking for a straightforward and affordable oil change center, you should check out what Woodman’s has to offer.

Comparing Woodman’s Oil Change Services to Other Popular Chains

When considering an oil change, it’s helpful to compare Woodman’s services to other popular chains. While Woodman’s prices are generally lower than many competitors’, it’s essential to consider the overall value and quality of service.

Some well-known oil change chains, such as Jiffy Lube or Valvoline Instant Oil Change, offer a broader range of services and have more locations nationwide. However, their prices may be higher than Woodman’s, and some customers have reported feeling pressured to add additional services.

Other grocery chains like Walmart or Costco also provide oil change services. While their prices may be comparable to Woodman’s, the quality of service can vary greatly depending on the location and the technicians on staff.

Ultimately, when comparing Woodman’s to other oil change options, consider factors such as:

  • Price:How do Woodman’s prices compare to other chains in your area?
  • Convenience:Is a Woodman’s location near you, or would another chain be more accessible?
  • Quality of Service:Read reviews from previous customers to gauge the level of service you can expect at each chain.
  • Additional Services:If you need more than just an oil change, consider which chains offer the most comprehensive range of services.

By weighing these factors, you can determine whether Woodman’s oil change services provide the best value and experience for your needs.

Woodman’s Oil Change: FAQs

Q: Is there a Woodman’s service center in Pewaukee?

A: Yes, Pewaukee is home to a Woodman’s service center, providing residents with convenient access to reliable vehicle maintenance services.

Q: How many gallons of oil are typically used in a Woodman’s oil change?

A: The number of gallons used during a Woodman’s oil change varies based on the vehicle’s make and model. On average, most cars require between 4 to 6 gallons for a complete oil change.

Q: Do I need an appointment for an oil change, or does Woodman’s accept walk-ins?

A: While walk-ins are often welcome, it’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment in advance to ensure timely service.

Q: Are there any promotions or discounts available for repeat customers?

A: Woodman’s often offers promotions or loyalty discounts for repeat customers. It’s best to inquire directly or check their website for current deals.

Q: Besides oil changes, what other services does Woodman’s offer?

A: Woodman’s provides a range of automotive services, including tire rotations, brake checks, and fluid top-offs, among others.

Q: What type of unleaded fuel options are available after a Woodman’s oil change?

A: Post your Woodman’s oil change, you can opt for various unleaded fuel grades based on your vehicle’s requirements.

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A Woodman’s Oil Change: What To Know Before You Schedule (2024)


A Woodman’s Oil Change: What To Know Before You Schedule? ›

Woodman's Oil Change Prices and Hours

How do I prepare for an oil change? ›

10 Tips for a Successful Oil Change
  1. Tip #1: Double check manufacture guidelines. ...
  2. Tip #2: Ensure the correct weight. ...
  3. Tip #3: Protective gear is key. ...
  4. Tip #4: Let your car cool down. ...
  5. Tip #5: Use the correct drain pan. ...
  6. Tip #6: Need a grip? ...
  7. Tip #7: Seal your filter correctly. ...
  8. Tip #8: Get it in the engine.
Jul 8, 2020

What else should I do during an oil change? ›

What Happens During an Oil Change Service?
  • Check the current oil level and condition of the oil.
  • Drain the old oil out of the engine from the bottom.
  • Remove the old, dirty oil filter.
  • Install a new oil filter.
  • Put new, clean oil into the engine. ...
  • Lubricate the vehicle's chassis.
  • Perform a multi-point vehicle inspection.

What is done during a routine oil change? ›

Put simply an oil change is when you take out the motor oil from your engine and put back in new motor oil. During an oil change you also have to change the oil filter and put on a new one. The oil and oil filter do so much for your engine that getting regular oil changes is the best way to keep your vehicle healthy.

What typically comes with an oil change? ›

What Is Included in a Full-Service Oil Change? When you get a full-service change, an auto technician will change your car's motor oil with the type that it needs, which could be conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, or high-mileage oil. You'll also have your used oil and oil filter replaced and recycled.

Do you stay in the car during an oil change? ›

Do I have to get out of my car for an oil change? No, you do not need to get out of your car for an oil change or most other services. In fact, we prefer you to stay in your car and enjoy the show. The one exception is a tire rotation.

What not to do when you need an oil change? ›

5 Mistakes You Can Make When Changing Your Oil
  1. Not Keeping Track of Mileage. ...
  2. Using the Wrong Oil. ...
  3. Not Putting the Oil Filter on Properly. ...
  4. Not Changing Out the Oil Filter O-Ring. ...
  5. Over/Under Filling Your Oil. ...
  6. Or, Just Let a Pro Do It.

Should I fill up my gas before an oil change? ›

After you run your full tank of gas almost empty, refill it, then change your oil ASAP. The long answer is due to modern engine designs with direct injection and high compression ratio, the gas injected into the combustion chamber will blow-by the piston rings causing the gas to dilute your oil.

Do I turn my car off during an oil change? ›

Step-by-Step Oil Change Instructions. 1. Park vehicle on level surface, engage parking brake and turn off engine.

What is checked during an oil change? ›

These include transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. During an oil change, the mechanic often checks these fluids' levels and quality. If any fluid appears low or dirty, it may be topped off or replaced, maintaining your vehicle's overall health.

Do they change your air filter when you get an oil change? ›

In general, you should replace your air filter when you change your oil. Most modern engines, along with synthetic oil and fuel, are designed to do their jobs better, meaning you can sometimes extend the traditional service change schedule of 5,000 kilometres or every five months.

Do they check antifreeze during oil change? ›

Your technician will take a look at your car's coolant/antifreeze fluids. The antifreeze is pumped throughout your car's engine while you drive to ensure that an adequate temperature is maintained.

What fluids do they top off during an oil change? ›

Some fluids we top off include your power steering fluid, differential/transfer case fluid, and transmission/transaxle fluid. We will also top off your windshield washer fluid. Assuming your battery isn't sealed, we'll also top off the battery water. We will also check your tire pressure during these checks.

Do I need to run car before oil change? ›

Changing The Oil

It's also advisable to start the engine and let it warm up for 2-3 minutes, as this helps the oil heat up and allows it to drain more easily. Before performing the service, you'll need to acquire or prepare the following materials: A wrench. A new oil filter.

What should your oil life be before you change it? ›

Though the general rule of thumb is to get an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or more, depending on your car's age and oil-life monitoring system, other factors can influence how often you should change your oil.

Do I turn my car off for an oil change? ›

Step-by-Step Oil Change Instructions. 1. Park vehicle on level surface, engage parking brake and turn off engine. If necessary, raise front of vehicle by driving it onto a ramp or by jacking it up and supporting it with jack stands.

Are oil changes easy to do yourself? ›

When you put oil in your car, you must use the correct type of oil and oil filter so that you do not damage your vehicle. Although you can take your car to an auto repair or oil change shop to get the work done, changing the oil is a simple job that most beginners can do.

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