8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas! (2024)

8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas! (1)

Are you searching for Bernedoodle breeders in Las Vegas? Did you know that crossbreeding purebred dogs decreases health issues in their litters? The Bernedoodle is a designer dog – a cross between two breeds – the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

This breed, also known as Bernese Mountain Poo, originally started in 2003 in Switzerland. There is no way of knowing whether there were any accidental children of the two breeds before that; hence Sherry Rupke is the legitimate titleholder for being the first Bernedoodle breeder.

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Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada

8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas! (2)

We’ve got you covered with this list of the best Bernedoodle breeders in Las Vegas. Check it out and find a Bernedoodle breeder most suitable for you.

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1. PuppySpot’s Bernedoodles For Las Vegas

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With over 200,000 puppies sold, PuppySpot provides the best quality Bernedoodle breeders for budding buyers. Their website is easy to browse and navigate, with no waiting lists and over 10,000 verified 5-star reviews.

They also partner with the American Humane Society and the AKC for guaranteed quality, no scammers or puppy mills, and they provide a 10-year health warranty, as well as a full health check of every puppy before bringing them home to you via their airline, which flies everywhere in the United States.

PuppySpot also has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau and only lists puppies that have already been born, so you know exactly what you’re getting with no surprises. Their screening process is so strict that less than 10% of breeders can pass it, with over 100 criteria.

PuppySpot Details

2. Vegas Bernedoodles

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It’s reassuring to get your Bernedoodle from someone who has lifelong experience and a passion for dealing with animals. Vegas Bernedoodles are just the right example of this. They’re a dog-loving family who raises the healthiest Bernedoodles with a stunning look and temperament.

The Bernedoodle is raised in a home with around three children, so they get unending love and attention. Vegas Bernedoodles provides a two-year health guarantee, and with every puppy, you take home a favorite toy, a blanket with the scent of siblings and mom, and a bag of food that the puppy is now eating.

Check out Vegas Bernedoodles’ Instagram photos. They have a huge follower base in Las Vegas who claim you don’t need to worry about the quality and authenticity when you do business with them.

Vegas Bernedoodles Details

3. Olive Branch Bernedoodles

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Another place to consider when you’re looking for Bernedoodle puppy breeders in Las Vegas is Olive Branch Bernedoodles. In California, they raise all three standard sizes of Bernedoodle – medium, mini, and micro-mini Bernedoodle.

Only a real puppy lover can recognize another. Anyone who has ever loved and lost a beloved pet understands how deeply this may impact you. Olivia Branch raises Doodles through their unique development program and health-tested moms and dads.

Check out Olivia Branch’s website to learn more about their development and training program. Contact them with your requirements so that they can help you adopt the right puppy for you and your family’s needs.

Olive Branch Bernedoodles Details

4. Luv4Bernedoodles

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Keli Sutton – the driving force behind Luv4Bernedoodles – has 28 years of breeding and grooming experience. She specializes in breeding small standard, mini, and micro-mini Bernedoodle dogs. Embark tests all of Keli’s breeding stock for health and genetics.

Her litters are reared in a family home atmosphere with unlimited love and proper training. Nobody here lives in a kennel. The puppies are also socialized in preparation for service animal training.

They’re vaccinated, examined by a veterinarian, have their dewclaws removed, and dewormed before being sent to you. Luv4Bernedoodles has a flight nanny service available that can go anywhere globally. Contact them to get the additional information and to be added to their waiting list.

Luv4Bernedoodles Details

5. Southern Utah Doodles & Poodles

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Southern Utah Doodles & Poodles is dedicated to producing the highest quality and genetically healthy micro and medium Doodles and Poodles. Besides Bernedoodle, they also breed Labradoodles, Aussiedoodle, and Goldendoodles. Grooming the puppies of SUD&P is very easy.

Their coat is easier to maintain. If you’ve severe allergies, their puppies will be an excellent alternative. The puppies are also great with kids, so they’ll make wonderful family pets for you. You’ll also get a one-year health warranty.

When you adopt a Bernedoodle puppy from SUD&P, you’re sure that it was born of a loving mother in a loving family and won’t suffer from genetically inherited disorders. You can visit the kennel website for available puppies. They’ve both pickup and delivery options in Las Vegas.

Southern Utah Doodles & Poodles Details

6. US Doodles

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US Doodles are respectable breeders of Bernedoodle puppies in Las Vegas with 16 years of expertise. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona. However, they ship their puppies all around the country, including Las Vegas, using airways and a puppy nanny service.

The puppies from US Doodles are hypoallergenic, non-shed, and have an excellent temperament. Also, all the puppies are provided with up-to-date vaccinations, and you’ll get all the health records when you adopt them.

A two-year health guarantee will be included in the whole package. The best thing about US Doodles is that they provide stud services, boarding services, and guardian programs alongside the breeding program. Their website is updated regularly, so go to it for updated information.

US Doodles Details

7. Bernedoodles and Co.

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Bernedoodles and Co is a small, family-run business. They specialize in breeding gorgeous mini and medium-sized Bernedoodles in Roseville, California. Puppies you adopt from Bernedoodles and Co. get a 1-year health guarantee.

Their veterinarian will do a health check on your puppy and provide an immunization and worming record. The breeder assures that the puppies will settle in quickly, as they’re provided with proper socializing and training.

Bernedoodles and Co. provide an occasional offer on their social media pages. So, keep an eye open for that. Also, check out their website to see the available puppies (updated regularly) and contact them to join the waitlist. They provide hand-to-hand delivery services but no cargo shipping.

Bernedoodles and Co. Details

8. Cathy’s Doodles and Poodles

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Concluding the list of the best Bernedoodle breeders in Las Vegas with Cathy’s Doodle and Poodles. They are another family-run Doodle and Poodle breeder in their home near Las Vegas; no kennel. Most dogs here are raised in guardian homes, so all puppies get individual attention and love.

Also, you will get the DNA health testing report upon request. Many of Cathy’s dogs have gone to be service dogs or therapy. So, if you need one near Las Vegas, Cathy’s should be your top choice.

Cathy’s Doodles and Poodles have been following the “Puppy Culture” program, considered the gold standard for puppy care. They don’t advocate shipping dogs on their own. So, if you want to adopt one, visit Cathy’s place and pick it up personally.

Cathy’s Doodles and Poodles Details

How to Choose a Bernedoodle Breeder in Las Vegas

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Here are some qualities to consider before selecting Bernedoodle breeders in Las Vegas:

  • A good breeder will ensure the puppies are dewormed and have had their vaccinations and a certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
  • They’ll want to hear from you, partially because they want to keep track of your puppy’s progress, and any information about its health might aid them with future breeding projects.
  • If possible, consider a nearby breeder since they may need you to visit the kennel multiple times before releasing the puppy to you. Also, a breeder with boarding services might help.

But how can you know whether they’re a trustworthy breeder to begin with?

  • The easiest way to know whether they are on the level is to go to the kennel and meet the breeder.
  • Inspect the kennel for cleanliness and safety.
  • Request to see the parent dogs and how they interact with the owner. If they show any signs of being afraid, that’s a red alert.
  • They shouldn’t release the puppy before eight weeks of age.
  • Also, responsible breeders of Bernedoodle puppies in Las Vegas may ask you to sign a contract that says you must return the dog to them if you can’t care for it.

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More Information About Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas

8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas! (12)

We hope that this list of Bernedoodle breeders in Las Vegas will help you make the right decision to adopt. We double-checked every breeder before listing, so don’t worry about the quality of our listed breeders.

Also, you’ll notice that some of the breeders aren’t exactly located in Las Vegas. Our research didn’t lead to many breeders in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, we sourced breeder info from nearby states to make it convenient for you to cast your net wider.

The Bernedoodle breed is intelligent, but some may have a better intellectual level than others. Moreover, as it’s a blend of two opposite breeds, the breeders can’t promise what your puppy will look like. However, the variety is what makes them so intriguing and loveable.

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Conclusion For The “Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas”

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This article has covered the seven best Bernedoodle breeders in Las Vegas and nearby states. We have broken down the most important aspects of each of the above breeders. However, we strongly advise you to personally evaluate these Bernedoodle puppy breeders in Las Vegas before deciding.

Check their websites, but don’t limit yourself to that. If they have Instagram or Facebook account, check the pictures, comments, and reviews section to get an idea of the breeder. Adopting a new furry family member is a huge time commitment. So, it would be best if you were well prepared for the time investment.

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8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas! (14)

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8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Las Vegas! (2024)
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